Carrie Doorley

Hi there,
As a busy mum of two, working full time, I am always looking for things that make my life that little bit easier. Having a child who suffers from travel sickness, not to mention the usual tummy bugs they have both endured along the way, I went in search of sickness bags so that I could be prepared for the next time. The cost of valeting the car and having had to abandon a day trip due to the mess just became too much.
I was amazed that I couldn’t find any readily available and so it became my mission (and my obsession!) to bring this simple solution to the domestic market and make life easier for everyone. Now when we are on a journey and I hear “I don’t feel well” I no longer panic as there is a queezybag to hand.At home, the towels and bowls are gone. The queezybag is used and disposed of and the big clean up that used to happen is no longer needed.
And more importantly, i can now focus on the sick child and comfort them rather than worrying about tackling the mess. So next time you or yours are feeling queasy be prepared. Whether it is for morning sickness during pregnancy, travel sickness for business or leisure, chemo-related nausea or just a gastric bug that is doing the rounds, have that extra security that if you do become ill the damage and the embarrassment will be as little as possible.
All the best,

Carrie Doorley Queezybags